Mirror Hearer


A mirror that neglects to reflect.  A mirror too busy with the task of mulling previous portraits that the face of now, of me, is lost.

This open opportunity to see the mirror honestly,  me free, is a calm and foregroundless painting.  Calmness born of effortlessness descended from monotony and routine.  The face of the child before it smiles back instinctually at any eyes paired with a mouth.  The camera eye refracted from social reflection.

I grin and the mirror still does not see me.  I watch faces drive by me, each driver not wanting to be perceived but presenting make, model and color.  Why would they notice this moment?  Why did I?

Back to work.


Or it doesn't

Fair bear fared fairly well.
Bearing fare only fair.
Fare bear bares it fairly.
Barely fair bear knows fare.

Well, only it knows.


Sew the days
With the threaded threat of pronouns

Yesterday hinges on a mind akimbo
Today swings on a brain splayed
Tomorrow opens on a theater unbound

I hesitate to draw conclusions
You pause to indulge delusions
We stutter amongst clich├ęd institutions


For four flowers flow
I call it hippie standard time

Iconic isometric island idol
I call it ukulele poseur rhyme

And all allegories aside
I call it self inflicted word grind


Nothing establishes me
Quite like
The diminution of you

Nothing makes us
Quite like
The breaking of them

Nothing defines human
Quite like
Demonizing the other


Yay for you

Prize money.
Okay, prize words.  Prized, really.
Surprised?  We'll basically, you don't suck
which is to say everyone else kind of does
and it was just that I noticed you don't.

So yeah, good job not sucking like everyone else.

Here are some words for that.

Something wrong?

Would you like to brood about it?
Silently construct reasons to be moody around it?
Daydream pathways of regret surrounding it?
Simmer in irritation and humiliation in regards to it?

Would you, would you in a box, carp and whine with a fox?

I'm just trying to help, you see, perhaps you're liable to choke on that me?